Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st home study scheduled!

So this Monday, August 30th, is our first home study. I talked to our social worker yesterday and we are set!

Wish us luck!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let the Dossier Begin!

We just got off the phone with our adoption agency to discuss the dossier, home study and immigration process for adopting.

I must say the thought of completing the dossier has always freaked me out a bit. It is a lot of gathering of paperwork and information from us, but I think I am much less scared of it now. It is just the start of a long long process. So I guess I shouldn't be intimidated just yet. Maybe....

I also found out that we really do get matched with our child very early on. So once we finish our home study, we will be matched within a couple months and then a couple months from that going to Haiti to meet our child and go in front of a Haitian judge to declare our intent to adopt that child.

That alone makes me so excited! And scared. Once we go to Haiti I will have met my child, and possibly been able to have that child stay the night with us while we are there, and then we have to come home empty handed. I think that is when the true test will begin. The heart break of meeting them and then not being able to be there for that child everyday. Having to sit and wait for that call each day, knowing it won't come for a really long time. Waiting. So much waiting in this process. But that will be the painful one.

But on the bright side, I will someday be that child's mommy and get to take care of them each and every day!

So let the paperwork, government craziness and wait begin!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Application approved!

So yesterday we got an email from our adoption agency and here is what it said.

"Thank you again for your application and indeed, it is approved!"

So yay! First step complete! We are approved to adopt from Haiti. Yesterday was a great great day!

So now we start the paperwork. Disclosures, agreements, questionnaires and then onto our dossier and home study.

Here we go!