Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Orphanage

I found this video today of Maison Des Infantes, the orphanage that Hugo currently resides in. I was really really nervous to click on it and see it. Through our adoption research and classes, we have seen many pictures and videos of some pretty awful places where kids live. That has always been in the back of my mind, how am I going to react if I get there and his living conditions doesn't meet the minimum standards for child care. I realize we are dealing with a 3rd world country that is the poorest in the Northern Hemisphere and that knew that living conditions are not good really anywhere in the country. But still, there is a part of you that hopes that your child is in a place that at least gets his basic needs met.

We have a friend that has been to Haiti many times since the earthquake and has visited some orphanages there. He told us that we needed to expect the worst and pretty much what we think is the worst we will see, will not compare to what we will actually see. This keeps me up at night. Not only for Hugo, but for all these kids. And it is something that is probably not going to change in the immediate future.

Fortunately, Haiti also has many mission based orphanages and centers that have come in to try and create better situations for these kids and many families in Haiti. The orphanage where Hugo resides is one of these. It was created with adoption of these children in mind, so when people bring their children here, they are bringing them because they want better for their kids. And after looking at this video, I feel a little relieved that he is in a place that seems to live up to what we were told. There is a school for the kids. Many different rooms to play and an outside courtyard to run. I am sure I will feel differently once I am there, but for now, I have a peace of mind that he is in a place that was created to love and nurture these kids the best they can with the resources they have. It may not look like much compared to what we all have here, but in the realm of orphanages, I can assure you, it is a lot. In the babies sleep room there is the blue bumbo that we have a picture of Hugo sitting in. Makes me feel closer to him to see where he spends his days.


After watching this and feeling relief for my child, I can't help but feel sad and helpless for the kids that are not in a place like this. And a bit guilty for the relief I feel. I just hope that the other kids have someone praying and fighting for them to have better.