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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Homecoming Pictures!!!!

After 14 hours of travel, we finally made it home!  Here is the beautiful, amazing people that were there to greet us!   And Adriana and Hugo meeting for the first time!!!!

And they meet!!!

Holding both my babies!!! Finally!!!!

The amazing Jewely and Derek, couldn't ask for better people in our lives!

Meet Aunt Holly, Uncle Simon, Cousins Ally and Brandt

Meet Uncle Chad and Aunt Tara, Cousins Lena and Lincoln

Meet Grandma Carol

Meet Grandpa Jerry and Karen

Love my sister!  

Oy do I look delirious and scary

The Van Wyk Family!!!  Loved the Hugo shirts!

Yay Etchepare family!!!

Meet Uncle John, Aunt Corrina, Cousins Katherine, Jack, Sofia and Michael

Bringing Hugo Home!

Never have to say goodbye again!!!!

So my computer is down and with the craziness of the past few weeks I haven't had a moment to update. I will get pics posted and stories of our first 5 weeks as a complete family. It has been fun. It has been hard. It has been the best.

Rob and I headed to Haiti at midnight on Monday, the 21st of January. We arrived in Haiti Tuesday morning in time to get settled at hotel, pick up Hugo and get ready for our VISA appointment. We got picked up by the Director of our orphanage and went to the Embassy. I won't bore you with details but the Embassy was fast and uneventful. All went well and we were given a time to come back Thursday and pick up Hugo's VISA. It all went very smoothly. Our director headed to Haitian Social Services to get our exit letter ready so once they saw the VISA we would be free to head home.

Thursday Rob and Pierre, our orphanage director, headed to the embassy and got our paperwork. Then Head to ibesr to get our exit letter.

That day we also went to the orphanage to have a goodbye party for Hugo with all his toddler friends. Angie picked up a cake and we went to celebrate. Hugo was a little freaked out and wouldn't let go of me, but the rest of the kids had a blast.

Hugo and I stayed at the orphanage while Rob went to get our paperwork and got to hang out with the older kids. They did cartwheels and flips and I had so much fun hanging out with them. They are such amazing kids and I am so thankful that most of them will be coming home to their families soon!!!

Friday night we got the last of the paperwork we needed to leave and we left on the first flight out Saturday morning. We were so excited to get home to Adriana and get our new life started. I will say that Rob and I were happy we got that week in Haiti to just be with Hugo. Kind of a calm and relaxing time before things got real. :). There was also a bonding trip for other adoptive parents from the orphanage happening while we were there. We got to see some of our great friends we have made in this process and they got to help us celebrate bringing Hugo home!!!

First Plane Ride

To get home we had to take 3 flights. It was a long day. But Hugo did great. We went through Ft Lauderdale customs from Haiti. Once we walked out of customs Hugo was an American citizen! And greeted by his good friend Jayden who came home in November. He and Hugo lived in the same room at the orphanage. It was so amazing that we got to see him and his wonderful Mom.

Hugo and Jayden

At 9:55 pm that day we arrived in Denver and were greeted by family and friends! And my children finally met. It was the most special moment of my life. I am not sure I have ever felt such joy. It was beautiful!!!

Pics to come....

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