Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We have a Match!

So as you can see, by the feel and posts of this blog, I have been a tad bit frustrated with the match part of this adoption process. Was told we would be matched with our child late January. That turned into February. For sure in March. Then each week, well maybe next week. Both Rob and I were pretty convinced that this may be the way the rest of our lives were going to go and that it may never happen (we are not dramatic at all...)

Back in March, we got some news that one of the little boys we were interested in had become unadoptable. So it seemed that the choice was going to be made for us. Which, honestly, is something I so much appreciated. Making the choice between the 2 boys felt like it would be agony. We waited for so long on both of their files that you tend to kind of fall in love with each of them. And as sad as it was to find out one of them was not available, both Rob and I felt that it was right for us and happened exactly how it was suppose to.

Last Friday, when we had about given up hope that we would get any information, I got a call at about 4:00 from the adoption agency and they were emailing the file over!!! It was my birthday and by far the BEST birthday present I could have ever asked for. I can't even describe how excited or amazing that moment was. It transformed what had been a pretty awful week into something great for both Rob and I.

So I am pleased to announce we are officially in process of adopting Huguenson Etchepare (aka Hugo as we have chosen to call him over the past few months). He is about 8 months old and quite possibly the most beautiful boy in the world.

From this point, we have turned in all our paperwork to send to Haiti. From here, the agency will set up a bonding trip for us to go visit Hugo and file our I600 paperwork in Haiti. We are hoping to go to Haiti in June for all of this. After that, we come home and have to wait for things to process. The estimated timeframe for all this is 18 to 24 months which seems agonizing to me. I am hoping that we have the opportunity to visit more times within that time before we get to bring him home. I can't imagine waiting that long to see him again.

But at this point, we are just elated that we have officially matched with our son! We will ride that high and hope for the best when it comes to the rest.