Sunday, January 23, 2011


So things have changed slightly and while we are excited, we are cautious about that excitement.

We got an email from the adoption agency last week that our Dossier has been translated and they are now waiting on us to match with our child so they can get it legalized and sent to Haiti. So our paperwork is moving rather quickly, but now at a halt until we finish the selection process and match with our child.

We also received a letter from Immigration for the US stating that our I600 application was approved and the government deems us fit to parent an orphan. This is exciting news as sometimes we are not sure we are fit to parent our own 3 year old but if the government tells us so, I believe it. :)

So in reaction to this, we received a list about a week ago of all the children available at one of the orphanages. All the list had was a picture, name and birthdate. Typically we would receive full bios on each child but since our paperwork is done and the orphanages are still saying that it will be a couple months for them to complete that information, they decided to send us the list so we could request information on a couple of children and maybe it would come through faster.

It was very exciting. And very sad. The list had children of all ages, from 4 months to 8 years. Many of the children fit our criteria. Which just means we don't care what gender our child will be and are asking for a child between the ages of 0 to 12 months at time of match. This was our original thoughts. Thinking that once we match it will still take a couple years to bring that child home. So we wanted to start as early as possible into their lives.

But as we looked, both Rob and I were drawn to kids of all different ages. I always dreaded this point in the process. Seeing those children. All the ones that are awaiting a family. But both Rob and I were drawn to some of the children immediately and that actually helped quite a bit. And maybe how it is supposed to be.

We have narrowed it down to 2 little boys. We are now awaiting on medical information and such so we can make a decision. I am hoping that we get it all soon but am trying not to put too high of expectations on this.

Hopefully we will have an update soon with a picture and more information and a banner reading, The Child we Have Been Waiting For! :)

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