Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Heights and The Role of Big Sister

So in attempt to be a typical, normal family, (although what is normal? Not us!) I decided to do an activity that is usually only done by people who have both of their children living in the same country...we started a wall chart of our kid's heights.

Last week we got an update from the orphanage with Huguenson's height, weight and head size. The same day Adriana's preschool class charted their height at school. It was a pretty great coincidence and made me feel like even though we are not all living in the same house, or country, that we were doing similar things at similar times. Things I would be doing if Hugo was home.

So today I went to US Toy and got a growth chart to put on the wall. One would think we would already have one since Adriana is almost 4, but we don't. I can't say really why. I brought it home and Ade was so excited to hang it up and mark her measurements. After we put it up, she realized that Hugo is not that much shorter right now than she is which brought her to tears. All she has ever wanted to do was hold her baby brother. Which makes me so sad for her. In her world, when you get a brother or sister, they are an infant. She has been so excited to feed him and teach him things. To help me take care of him. It brings tears to my eyes that she is so sad to miss out on those things.

We have told her that Hugo coming to live here will be a big adjustment for him and he will need his big sister to adjust and feel ok. We also try and remind her that he will still be a toddler and she will be so important in helping him learn things like how to swim, how to ride a bike, how to beat mom and dad at Candyland. So far she isn't buying it. And I cannot blame her. In my heart I can't understand why he is not already with us.

Hugo coming home will he a huge adjustment for all of us and will effect Adriana and Hugo the most. I worry about that everyday but I also know what an amazing kid she is. She will adapt and be helpful and be the proud big sister she already is. Tonight she stood up, stopped crying and was excited to have something that connected her to her brother, even if it is only a chart on the wall. But for now, it is enough. It has to be for all of us.

And can I just add we are going to have tall kids!! Adriana is one of the tallest kids in her class and is often mistaken for a 5 year old and Hugo, at 1 year of age, is not too far behind. We are going to have a tall Etchepare group! And I love it!

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