Friday, January 20, 2012

Heading back to Haiti

This Sunday I will be heading back to Haiti to visit my sweet boy. I am really excited but also a little sad as Rob is not going with me. Because of work and so we don't strain our family babysitting resources, Rob has decided to stay home and take care of Adriana while I go. I will miss him and he will miss having his time with Hugo, but I think this begins the parental split of having multiple children. We must learn to use our time wisely especially until Hugo gets home. For both our kids' sakes. Our split though just happens to cross international waters. :)

We have no real update on our adoption. We continue to be in IBESR. We are closing in on 8 months and while we were told it would take anywhere from 4 months to 24, we were hoping to be on the lower end of that timeframe. I am really hoping we hear something soon. It is hard to go month after month without any news. But I am very thankful for these trips and that we are lucky enough to be able to go and see Hugo as much as we can. It is a blessing.

Some great news on the adoption front for some other families though. A group of families adopting from our orphanage have received their adoption decrees and that means that in the eyes of Haiti, their children's adoptions are finalized and they are awaiting for their passport and Visa to come home. I am so excited and happy for these families. Their kids are amazing and deserve to get home to their loving families. It is a great week for the adoption world as a whole. Hoping for some more good news for other families waiting too. But seeing these families complete the process brings hope to everyone waiting.

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  1. So excited to finally meet you and spend more time with Hugo. Seems like this trip is full of Mommies with Daddies staying home with the siblings. Really looking forward to sharing precious bonding time with you! Already there in my head. See you early Monday morning. Looking forward to the muffin.