Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My favorite update to far

I haven't done any updates this summer.  Partly because we haven't really had any news to share.  Partly because I decided we would never hear an update again.  (Rational, that is me).  We did get an update that didn't end up being true.  And it hurt.  And it was hard but we let it go and moved on.  And waited.

Then one glorious Friday, I was sitting on the couch actually looking at Fantasy Football stats and I got an email that said, "Congratulations on getting your decree."  I immediately freaked and asked if that was for reals (I am an English teacher's worst nightmare).   Then 5 minutes later I received an attachment on an email that was the most beautiful paper I have ever seen.

It was our ADOPTION DECREE!!!!!!!  Hugo is now officially, Huguenson Etchepare.  

I am fairly sure I jumped around for the rest of the day.  I made a lot of calls.  Sent emails.  Cried.  Laughed and felt like a great weight that I had been carrying around all summer had been lifted.   We had a long and somewhat crappy summer.  Rob and I have been pretty happy to put this summer behind us.  But it ended with Hugo officially becoming our son.  The absolute sweetest and happiest moment in this journey.  

We still have a few steps before we get him home.  And we know that it will be long and most likely get frustrated a few times again.  

But for now we are happy.  We leave to see Hugo in 19 days and we cannot wait to hug him!  

Below are pics from the August Birthday celebration where Hugo got cake and was able to celebrate turning 2!!!!

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