Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Homecoming Pictures!!!!

After 14 hours of travel, we finally made it home!  Here is the beautiful, amazing people that were there to greet us!   And Adriana and Hugo meeting for the first time!!!!

And they meet!!!

Holding both my babies!!! Finally!!!!

The amazing Jewely and Derek, couldn't ask for better people in our lives!

Meet Aunt Holly, Uncle Simon, Cousins Ally and Brandt

Meet Uncle Chad and Aunt Tara, Cousins Lena and Lincoln

Meet Grandma Carol

Meet Grandpa Jerry and Karen

Love my sister!  

Oy do I look delirious and scary

The Van Wyk Family!!!  Loved the Hugo shirts!

Yay Etchepare family!!!

Meet Uncle John, Aunt Corrina, Cousins Katherine, Jack, Sofia and Michael

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