Monday, September 20, 2010

Last home study and dossier progress

So tonight is our last home study visit. It has actually been a very enjoyable experience. Not to mention that Linda, our social worker, is great! She has been so nice and helpful. I think we are truly lucky to have her on our side for this. And an added bonus, Adriana loves her. She hams it up every time she comes over. The first night she walked her to the door and thanked her for coming and said that she hoped she would come back soon. Last week when she came Adriana told me "mommy, don't be mean, walk her to the door" when she was leaving. Who is this kid? :)

We are also making great progress on our dossier paperwork. All except birth certificates. I started out by ordering them online. It is the electronic age. Shouldn't that be easiest? I guess not. We had to fax in a copy of our IDs to them to prove we were who we said we are. Then I couldn't get the fax to be clear enough of our IDs for them. After trying a few times, I had to cancel that order and just send in the request paperwork through the actual mail. Last week I received both requests back because I forgot to add the check for the fees. Sheesh. I am about to drive to Wyoming and stand in line for them. Could it really be that hard?

So that is our progress. Slow but steady. My goal is to get everything received, certified and legalized, then translated by the end of the year. Hopefully, if I could ever get proof that Rob and I were born, that will happen. ha ha

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