Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cholera Outbreak

So late last week the news starting reporting that Haiti is having an outbreak of Cholera. I didn't know much about it except that it isn't good. It is intestinal disease that seems to spread pretty quickly especially for people living in less than clean and safe living conditions. Which sadly, at this point, describes most of Haiti.

Most cases have been reported in St Marc which is outside of the capital, Port au Prince. Volunteers and medical workers are working hard to help vaccinate those not infected and treat those that are. Hospitals are overcrowded and turning people away. Make shifts centers are being set up. Sadly in a country that is still devastated from the earthquake, these things can't happen quick enough for the population that is infected. As of yesterday, over 250 people have died.

I did read that they are getting people treated and so they are starting to stabilize the situation so the loss of life is slowing down. Clean water is the key to stopping the spread of cholera and they have been working hard to get it to the infected and surrounding areas.

I got an update from our adoption agency yesterday that all of the orphanages/creches are in Port au Prince and that none of the children, workers or volunteers have been infected. They are working hard to protect the children so the outbreak doesn't reach them.

This story hurts my heart on so many levels. For all the people that have died, those that are sick and unable to get help. For the country as a whole. It is a devastating blow to a country that cannot catch a break. And unfortunately with most of its population displaced and living in tents with no source of clean water, this probably isn't the end for them.

My heart and thoughts are with all the people of Haiti.

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