Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's get moving!

So tonight we got to review our home study. It is so weird to read a 17 page document that sums up your life, your spouse's life, your life together, your mental capabilities and well being as well as your parenting style. Who knew that could be done in 17 pages?

I must say that our social worker summed us up pretty nicely. Had a lot of nice things to say about us and our parenting style (and how adorable the child we parent is). So I feel better. Also a lot to make me realize how much I have struggled with things in life and came through a better person for (and how much I appreciate my mom for getting me through those). It is funny the things that I don't even remember talking to her about that came into a document that will seal my fate of getting my next child.

Now we wait for the Home Study to be approved by the State and sent to be translated. Then it will be sent to Haiti and hopefully we can be matched. I wish I had a timeline for that but everything works in its own time. And to cut down on frustration and me going crazy, I have decided to sit back and hope that it all turns out faster and better than I expect. I am turning in the rest of our dossier tomorrow so we are done with our part. It is now in the hands of the agency, the State of Colorado, Immigration and Haiti. And God. Let's not forget the most important hands of all.

So hopefully in good time, we will have answers. Photos. A baby to worry about and pray for every day and fight to get home to our family as soon as possible.

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