Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Latest Picture of our Boy

I got this photo from the orphanage last week. We call it "Camo Hugo" as that shirt makes him blend into the wall. It is awesome. What makes me happier (and I am not sure why) but this is a shirt I bought for Hugo for my trip and sent it to the orphanage with him when I left. And it makes me furiously happy to see him in it.

We also got an update that he is now participating in more songs and games at school each day. I have this picture of his defiance for these things and watching him slowly giving in to having fun. When it is probably just because he is getting acclimated to being a part of a school type setting, I like my picture better. It just means he will fit in so well here. My little rebel. It just makes me more excited to get him home and get to know and see his personality on a daily basis. I already have bits and pieces from our trip that I have molded together. I am really ready to see the whole picture.

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